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  • Ruth Smith

Evolve secure £1m Energy Sector wins

Evolve iMS has secured more than £1m in contract wins from full-cycle energy businesses in the UK. The awards are spread over 3 years and include technical delivery, specialist consultancy and business analysis work relating to asset production and acquisition in the UK Continental Shelf.

Managing Director Robin Parkinson said: ‘With mature North Sea assets and the transition to clean energy, it’s never been more important for companies to work efficiently. The acquisition and operation of these assets requires specialist support and a ‘quick win’ philosophy when considering system selection, integration, and data wrangling. We’re here to assist with that. Companies need to be able to operate with less human resources or to enable growth without increasing headcount. Using already owned Microsoft licenses, open-source technologies, system integration or by enhancing existing subscriptions, companies can make huge advances in automating workflows quickly, saving time and money. They can get deep insights using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning straight out of the box without spending vast sums on heavy weight solutions. Once the territory of only the largest companies, Data Lakes and Data Warehouses can now be purchased on a consumption basis, giving deep business insights at a fraction of the cost historically associated with these technologies. We collect, curate, and enrich client data using analytics tools. We combine this work with customers own domain knowledge so that they can avoid committing to expensive ‘black box’ services from 3rd party vendors. We work together using Scrum methodology and Azure DevOps to help with this combined collaboration. It’s a changed landscape which empowers clients and negates the need for expensive contracts based on proprietary tools. We’re enabling companies to leverage low code automation solutions to drive their growth and profit.’

Evolve Group employs 14 personnel in total with plans to grow to 18 throughout 2022.

Alongside business analysis and consultancy services, the Evolve Group provide Project Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Data Science services. The company was established in 2017.


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