Data Management

Data integrity services

We're passionate about ensuring that the data you are using can be trusted. What do we mean? Well, we've often seen situations where teams aren't entirely sure that the data they're using is correct. There may be incorrect, incomplete or duplicate records in databases or transformation routines functioning incorrectly. We work as the gel between systems and knowledge silos to get to the bottom of it all, working with you to ensure your data can be trusted.

We treat your data as one of your most valuable assets and our system access as a privilege. Both need to be handled carefully and with trust by both parties.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about providing you with the tools to make sense of your data. This isn’t just the software, it’s the coding, thinking and guidance around your business. We work with a number of reporting and dash-boarding software tools including JET, Spotfire, Tableau and Power BI. We help you adopt or in many cases improve business intelligence using advanced programming skills.​ We examine your data to draw conclusions and help you make better business decisions.

Data strategy

Our passionate and clever team look at your data generating systems and provide advice to help you use and manage your data as an asset. We endeavour to draw a line in the sand to give you the data strategy you need now, then help you evolve the strategy over time.


We can help you identify, combine and manage multiple sources of data, then using our knowledge and machine learning, we can build advanced analytical models for predicting and optimising outcomes. Working with you we help guide transformation within organisations so that data and models yield better decisions.

Machine learning

The ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data means we can deliver more accurate results on a very large scale. We use predictive modelling to make the most accurate forecasts possible. Our algorithms work as a training set to fine-tune models and encompass approaches such as linear regression and supervised clustering.


At Evolve we use our own methodology for our data projects, largely based on an agile, sprint oriented mechanism. We feel this modern way of working allows you to start to see return on investment sooner and reprioritise more often. We focus on collaboration rather than design, as we find users aspirations can change throughout a project. Our methodology also allows continuous testing to avoid certain problems appearing towards the end of a project.

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