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  • Robin Parkinson

Binning the daily driver

With Low Emission Zones being adopted in Aberdeen and my commute to work only being 3 miles I took the plunge and bought a zero emission SEAT MO scooter. It’s fully electric, costs around £1 to charge and does 87 miles when fully juiced, give or take. So about 2 pence per mile.

I chose the SEAT MO (which is a rebrand of the S01 by Silence scooters) due to it’s range, speed (63mph) and removable battery which you can wheel in to your house or office and plug in using a 3 pin plug (8 hours charge time). It’s snappy too, going from 0-30 in 3.9 seconds so can keep up with traffic and since it doesn’t have an engine, it has a large storage space under the seat for an overnight bag or two helmets – great for the commute to Evolve or to the airport for my work in London. Airport parking is free for motorcycles so that’s another few quid saved.

Typically, the beautiful Spring weather we had ahead of my delivery slot changed to a week of wintery storms for the day of delivery but I can honestly say this type of machine (have a look at the SEAT Minimo for the warmer comfier version) feels like the future of city centre travel and commuting – just don’t forget your jacket.

Is anyone else making major changes for a cheaper and ‘greener’ daily commute?


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