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  • Sarah Stephens


Andron Facilities Management has chosen Evolve to drive its digital transformation journey.

With this partnership, Evolve will design, develop, and deploy systems to streamline and automate numerous business processes within Andron. Additionally, Evolve will improve the visibility and accessibility of data across all divisions for Andron using RPA, Microsoft Azure Synapse analytics, Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform.

The new systems will support Andron with their ongoing growth in the UK market, consolidating disparate technology applications.

The automation workflows and software integration will combine Andron's cleaning, invoicing and contracting functions into a digital core with the help of Microsofts dataverse.

“The Facilities Management industry is subject to rapid changes in demand. To support our customers and staff through these changes we need to be able to react quickly. The ongoing automation and digitalisation of our core systems will help us improve our responsiveness and agility”, said Andrew Harper, Finance Director at Andron.


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