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  • Robin Parkinson

5 Years of Service Award

It’s with immense pride that we recognised our first staff member to reach their 5 years of service award at Evolve. Ruth Smith joined us shortly after the company was founded on April 3rd 2017 and has become a ‘rock’ of the business, managing finance, clients and the dramatic changes in Evolve in its formative years. We’re extremely thankful for your flexibility and commitment to the Evolve business Ruth. Here’s to the next big milestone at 10 years!

As part of our employee rewards program, our 5 year service award includes a metal engraving and a credit at Jamieson and Carry jewellers for our colleague to buy something personal for them to commemorate the occasion with.

There were some lovely photos taken at the evening to celebrate Ruth’s award but we felt this one captured the fun loving attitude Ruth has and the family atmosphere at Evolve.

Thanks Ruth and thanks to Jamieson and Carry for helping us with our service award program.


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