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Energy Sector IT Support

Efficient, Business aware, Enterprise ready, Vendor agnostic

Local Presence, Global reach

Whether you're looking for consultancy, an independent audit, a service provider to augment your team or require complete, outsourced managed service delivery, Evolve has the solution.


Our team have ITOps experience with a vast array of Business systems and technologies. From SAP and Maximo through to SAGE, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Exchange Online and the stuff that connects it all together. 

From startups to PLC's, we understand business needs. We recognise that IT services are an enabler for business process, not profit centres, so are highly budget sensitive. 

Our opinion - IT is a shared service that is there to serve you, not the other way around.


We've completed countless system migrations, transitions and tactical implementations. We've operated as the Digital Discovery Specialists and covered IT diligence for billion dollar mergers and acquisitions. All this said, we still install Excel and Word and tweak customer laptops. We aren't aloof, we're your IT partner. We endeavour to deliver a level of service expected in the largest organisations, whilst working within your  budget, however big or small.


We understand the importance of local knowledge whilst delivering technical support throughout the World. As such we work at all appropriate levels and locations within your business, engaging staff, your strategic partners and key stakeholders to get the best results.


Get in touch and let us explain what makes us different.

Global Network

Back office leverage

From Servers to PCs, Local Area Networks to Global Wide Area ones, Evolve understand the intricacies of on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT Estates - and how to leverage technology to suit your strategy. We are Enterprise technologists without the big ticket cost and as a Microsoft ERP Partner we understand the value of your data and how to leverage it for your benefit through Cloud and on-premise solutions. Understanding and being able to implement back office technology comes as second nature to us but when you engage Evolve, you know you're getting Business Analysts, Specialists and IT Support people who are trying to save your money through enterprise automation based on experience in businesses employing thousands of staff. We don't try to make money through 'break/fix' cycles, we want you to do more with the same or less overhead.

Office Network


  • Enterprise IT back office services
  • Extensive experience with multi-national orgs

  • Coding specialists for queries and stored procedures

  • Deep understanding of data sources

  • Business-centric automation focussed

  • Client driven


We dont fear-monger with Cyber Security. We offload it. We help you implement a Cyber Scurity strategy using major vendor solutions. As with all our services we want you to have the best fit for your business, not what makes us money. We regularly assist with the implementation of services from vendors we have no partner relationship with because lets face it, whats best for your IT provider might not be whats best for you.



  • Defence Hardening

  • Risk Reduction
  • Threat Consultancy

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Vendor agnostic

  • Enterprise level solutions

  • Global view, local touch

IT support Icons

How can Evolve help with your IT problems?

We provide consultancy, workshops, guidance and support for your Business Management team. If you want more, we do more, from specifying a laptop to supporting all of your IT estate.

If you'd like to talk about your IT strategy, just reach out to our team.

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